Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft

Optifine is a mod which is used to expand the graphics customization options. It reduces the framerate issues and also helps speeding up the Minecraft. It makes the Minecraft run more smoothly by using fewer resources. It is one of the few mods that revolutionized the way of playing Minecraft game. It enhances the graphics and allows hardware to process better the game’s textures.

Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

It makes the game more pleasing and gives the considerable boost to performance speed. You can adjust the game loads chunks for strong processing. Chunks can be preloaded of the persons who play with less powerful computers. You can do the maximum amount of graphical configuration with the help of Optifine. Animations like fire, water, snow and much more can be disabled to increase processing performance. It is a perfect choice for personal computers to run Minecraft more smoothly.


Minecraft Optifine:

Optifine is a mod that adds support for HD textures, debugging, adds shades and a lot of options for better looks and FPS performance in the Minecraft world.

It doubles the FPS rate. Or we can say that it is a performance related tool that can give a significant FPS boost and reduce lag. This is a useful tool that helps is adjusting the Minecraft settings actually. Optifine for Minecraft is a tool which includes features like FPS boost, HD textures support, variable render distance, antialiasing, connected textures and much more.

Features: –The main character of the Optifine are: –

  • It has many animations which we can apply or remove such as rain, fire, and water.
  • It supports HD textures and HD Fonts better than before. It includes custom terrain, item textures, animated terrain and item textures, custom HD Font character widths, custom colors, custom block color palettes, custom lightening and unlimited texture size which help in adjusting the fonts and textures according to your choice.
  • Optifame includes increased render distance range from tiny to extreme. Sun, moon, and stars are visible in small and short distances.
  • Allowed handheld and dropped light emitting items to illuminate the objects around them. It is similar, but not related to the dynamic lights mod.
  • Includes the features to configure the smooth lightning from 1% which includes flat lighting without shadows to 100% which includes smooth lighting with full shadows.
  • Having visual effects which make the distant objects look better by adjusting the texture details, and these visuals are known as Mipmaps.
  • It synchronizes framerate with monitor refresh rate which helps in splitting frames and making gameplay very smooth.
  • Includes Smart Advanced OpenGL with more efficient and fewer artifacts.
  • Restores details in mipmapped textures.
  • Uses smaller lookup table which fits better in the L1CPU.
  • It matches the grass block texture to the surrounding grass terrain.
  • It uses random mobile textures present in the texture pack.
  • It usually uses natural textures
  • It’s FPS control sets the target framerate.
  • It connects textures or glass, glass panes, sandstone and bookshelf blocks that are nearby.
  • It uses textures for the day and night skies with multiple layers, blending options and time configurations.
  • It includes chunk loading control for load far, preloaded chunks, chunk updates per frame and dynamic updates.
  • It removes algometer and profiler for the debug screen.
  • It works only in Creative mode and uses default day only or night only.
  • It autosaves the interval that can be configured.
  • It switches the current Texturepack without leaving the world.
  • It configures full-screen resolution.
  • It includes Fog control with options Fancy, Fast, OFF and fog start options: Near, Far.
  • It fixes transparent blocks textures to match surrounding snow terrain.
  • It boosts up the FPS and decreases lag spikes and smoothens gameplay.
  • You can zoom in cinematically by pressing the Ctrl Key on your keyboard in the game.
  • Optifine HD Mod Changelogs: –
  • It includes fixed invisible entities in multiplayer.
  • It follows the broken EnderLilly model and hence includes fixed crash with ExtraUtilities2.
  • It includes updated entity handling to reflect the Forge rewrite of the object registry.
  • Optifine includes MCP Mappings
  • It has reorganized options, over Dynamic Lights, and Dynamic FOV to Video settings.
  • Optifine is updated to Minecraft 1.11

Optifine HD 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

Optifine 1.9: – This mod promises you to significantly boost to FPS for playing Minecraft without considering the factor that whether you are online or offline. This mod can make some improvements to Minecraft games; you just need to make some settings to maximize the benefits. The main features of the Optifine 1.9 are: –

  • It has fixed grass and flowers bounding box to match the render model.
  • It includes fixed custom items for handheld rendering.
  • Optifine 1.9 also includes the optimized rendering
  • It includes added custom panoramas.
  • It also includes block transitions.
  • It includes CTM method “ctm_compact” uses five textures instead of 47.
  • It also includes fixed face culling for custom panel models.

Optifine 1.8: –

  • Optifine includes enabled Forge loading screen.
  • The Optifine 1.8 is compatible with Forge # 1486
  • It includes fixed shader initialization in the end.
  • It also has fixed Forge blocks layer reordering.
  • Forge should be installed before installing Optifine.
  • It also fixes custom items handheld rendering.
  • It fixes fast render default to OFF.
  • IT can block transitions and hence includeCTM method overlay.

Optifine 1.7.10: –

  • Optifine 1.7.10 uses fixed Forge custom armor rendering.
  • It fixes fast render default to OFF.
  • It decreases the lag spikes and smoothens up the gameplay.

Installing of Optifine HD Mod: –

  • For installing the Optifine to your computer, the first thing you need to do is to download the Minecraft Forge and install it.
  • After downloading the Minecraft, you should go with downloading Optifine choosing one of the versions’ links.
  • Go to Start Menu, and type %appdata%/.minecraft.mods then hit the enter key.
  • Move the downloaded.jar into the mods folder.
  • When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button, you can see the mod is installed.
  • The installation is complete, and you can see the Optifine shortcut on your home screen.

These are the important steps that need to follow for the Optifine HD Mod installation.

Updated: May 14, 2017 — 10:59 pm

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